Innovators Set Their Sights On Digital, D2C Models

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Restaurants are depending heavily on mobile traffic to help offset declines in walk-in traffic amid the pandemic. Eateries are slowly opening dining rooms and patios at restricted capacity, but some of these reopenings could end with the colder weather. In retail, skincare and beauty brand Cleanlogic is setting its sights on the D2C model, while in innovation, Venmo dropped its first credit card for consumers. All this, Today in Data.


2005: The year Cleanlogic started when Isaac Shapiro wanted to get into the health and beauty accessories business.

166%: Growth of on-premises dining over the past two months as social distancing orders loosened.

70%: Share of customers who have used smartphones to interact with restaurants.

20%: Growth of the delivery industry over the past five years.

3%: Amount of cashback customers will get in their maximum spend category with the Venmo card.

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