Digitally Connected Approaches To eCommerce And Homes

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Some consumers who once shopped in brick-and-mortar stores on the weekends are now shopping through digital-first channels during the week. In eCommerce, Amazon’s Prime Day is set to headline retail’s biggest week. And in the internet of things (IoT), the majority of consumers report owning a minimum of one smart home device, with a majority planning to buy more of them soon. All this, Today in Data.


91%: Share of consumers who report already owning at least one smart home device.

43M: Estimated number of consumers who once shopped for groceries at physical stores on weekends and now shop for them during the week using digital channels.

26.7%: Share of shoppers who expect to make a purchase during the Prime Day sales event.

8%: Portion of consumers buying more on weekdays than on weekends in 2019.

$4.99: Monthly cost of the Alexa Guard Plus subscription service.

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